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Parliamentarians at Schilansky & Binnall are Certified Professional Parliamentarians and Professional Registered Parliamanetarians, accredited by both the American Institute and the National Association of Parliamentarians
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Expert Parliamentary Opinions and Testimony
Contact us to receive an objective professional opinion written just for your organization's problem

No matter what preventative medicine you take to guard against procedural problems, sometimes a quandary will arise and you don't know how to proceed.  Contact us to receive an objective professional opinion written just for your organization's problem. 

If you have a procedural problem that winds up in court, a professional parliamentarian from Schilansky and Binnall may act as an expert witness to testify at the trial.  An expert witness may be helpful in providing a procedural perspective for the case and may be of assistance in arbitrating the dispute.  Contact us if you feel an expert witness may be of service in your situation.

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Knowing the right motion to make at a meeting can mean the difference between prevailing and failing
Meetings can be a source of contention and perhaps lawsuits if the rules for elections are not followed
Allowing a professional parliamentarian to preside over your meetings has many advantages
Parliamentarians are trained to help you overcome obstacles making your meetings more effective, efficient, and enjoyable

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