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Parliamentarians at Schilansky & Binnall are Certified Professional Parliamentarians and Professional Registered Parliamanetarians, accredited by both the American Institute and the National Association of Parliamentarians
Schilansky & Binnall, Parliamentarians

Mark Schilansky

Mark Schilansky is an experienced professional parliamentarian whose clients include major National and State organizations. He is a respected Convention Parliamentarian and Meeting Consultant, serving both large conventions and small Board meetings. Regarded as an expert convention parliamentarian, he has presented workshops around the country teaching other parliamentarians the skills needed to serve their clients.

A noted author, his work has been published in parliamentary journals and he served on the editorial board for the latest revision of Fundamentals of Parliamentary Law and Procedure. He is a respected scholar in his field who has established continuing relationships with his clients.

Mark Schilansky is one of less than two dozen professional parliamentarians in the world who have earned the three designations: Certified Professional Parliamentarian, Professional Registered Parliamentarian and Teacher of Parliamentary Procedure. 

Mark Schilansky currently serves as First Vice President of the American Institute of Parliamentarians and he is past president of the New York Association of Parliamentarians. He serves on the AIP Accrediting Committee, the committee charged with awarding credentials to aspiring professional parliamentarians.

In addition to conventions and meetings, Mark Schilansky provides the following services for clients: 


        Bylaws (review, revision, and development);

        Parliamentary expert opinions and testimony;

        Impartial professional presiding officer.


Mark Schilansky is willing to travel around the country and around the world to serve his clients. Make your meetings effective, efficient and enjoyable!

Jesse Binnall

Jesse R. Binnall is a Certified Professional Parliamentarian, Professional Registered Parliamentarian (CPP-T PRP), and Designated Teacher of Parliamentary Procedure with offices in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC area and the Charleston, WV area.

He is a graduate of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia where he has also taught parliamentary procedure.

Jesse serves as a Director for the American Institute of Parliamentarians, is a past President and co-founder of the electronic chapter of the American Institute of Parliamentarians (eAIP).

Mr. Binnall is available to assist clients with all their parliamentary needs, including:

  • Meeting and convention parliamentarianElectronic meeting consultant and parliamentarian
  • Bylaw drafting, amending, and revising
  • Parliamentary procedure workshops
  • Professional presiding
  • One on one presiding training
    Professional parliamentary opinions
  • Officer and board elections

He has been trained and is proficient in the most current editions of many parliamentary authorities, including Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, The Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure (Sturgis), Demeter's Manual of Parliamentary Law and Procedure.

Jacob Gerber

Jacob D. Gerber is a Certified Professional Parliamentarian, Professional Registered Parliamentarian (CPP-T PRP).  He has served numerous organizations around the country as a professional parliamentarian.  He was named Parliamentarian of the Year for 2002-2003 by the Nebraska State Association of Parliamentarians (NSAP), and for the 2003-2004 year, Jacob won the Silver Gavel Award (the individual reporting the most service as a parliamentarian) of the NSAP. 

Within AIP and NAP, Jacob has held numerous offices.  For AIP, he has been a Director on the Board, the chairman of the Youth Activities Committee, and an active member of the Bylaws Committee.  He has also served as Secretary for AIP's Region II, and Vice President of AIP's online chapter, e-AIP.

For NAP, Jacob is currently a member of the Youth Committee.  On the state level, Jacob is the parliamentarian for NSAP, and has served on the Board of Directors.  In his local unit, Jacob has been President of State Relations and has served on different committees.