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  • Certified Professional Parliamentarians
  • Professional Registered Parliamentarians
  • Designated Teachers of Parliamentary Procedure
Our experitise
   Bylaw Review, Revision, and Development  
   Expert Parliamentary Opinions and Testimony  
   Meetings and Conventions  
   Officer and Board Elections  
   Parliamentary Instruction and Leadership Training  
   Parliamentary Strategist  
   Professional Presiding Officer  
Schilansky & Binnall - Parliamentarians
Serving clients across North America
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Parliamentarians at Schilansky & Binnall are Certified Professional Parliamentarians and Professional Registered Parliamanetarians, accredited by both the American Institute and the National Association of Parliamentarians
Professional Advice
People can misuse parliamentary procedure to pursue their own agendas. Learn what the abused motions are and how to stop them.
Some steps your organization can take before your next big meeting.
A great list of links that your board can use to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.
Learn the key words for parliamentary procedure and don't be left in the shadow during your next meeting.
Well written bylaws have the power to build a strong organizational structure that will encourage efficiency and will facilitate accomplishing your goals.
Why parliamentarians?
Why hire someone who holds a PRP and a CPP-T?
Professional parliamentarians are judged by their peers through many tests and courses
How to earn the credentials of PRP and CPP-T?
An explanation of training professional parliamentarians go through so they may benefit your meeting
Why hire a professional parliamentarian?
Professional parliamentarians spend countless hours studying the rules so you don't have to
What is a parliamentarian?
Organizations hire professional parliamentarians to ensure that procedural rules are used to the advantage and benefit of the association
Learn more about better meetings...